Simon Cowell Starts Vaping

Simon Cowell Starts Vaping

Daily Mail UK report -

Once in a while observed without a cigarette, Simon Cowell even attempted hypnotherapy once to look for a way to end his 80-a-day propensity.

In any case, it appears parenthood has at long last given him a more noteworthy motivating thrust to quit smoking – and he has changed to vaping.

simon cowell vaping

Amid taping for The X Factor, the 56-year-old media investor was envisioned holding an e-cigarette.

He has stated that it is all on account of his two-year-old child Eric. "The idea is to cut down on the number," he told The Sun. "The Vape has been successful. It’s a good one, it tastes nice and sweet."

simon cowell quit smoking

Cowell, who has already kidded that he has an '80 a day' habit, has said that he doesn't smoke around Eric, his lone kid with accomplice Lauren Silverman, yet has stressed what he would do if his child requests that he quit smoking when he gets more seasoned.

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Source: Daily Mail report